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Working on some stuff

2010-01-25 04:41:46 by Kalcaman

But then again you will never know what it is!

And day...after day AFTER DAY it will haunt you for the rest of your life!

Pretty soon you'll find yourself in the back alleyway begging rats and apple cores for the secrets that I once held from you. But all you will have in return is silence. Silence and Lies! well....silent lies. Actually that sounds like a good movie title. "silent lies" I think it would star Robin Williams as the protagonist. And he would be forced to eat 5 whole pounds of non-existent chicken all the while a dog will be barking in the background. And then when nobody expects it lady gaga will show up and flash everyone her mangina. But sometimes a mangina is okay, like in that one episode of the mighty know that one with the fish dude, and the funk monster....or was it a techno monster? Anyways he has a mangina and everyone is scared of him and he just wants love...or she. I'm not really sure.

But bottom line is, yeah, stuff sometime, secrets NOW

Working on some stuff


2009-09-05 15:57:00 by Kalcaman

So I got into the cool little flash animation thats been on the NG front page for about 3 days as....du nunununaaaa!


I advise you to check it out and support this crazy artist he's awesome :P

New flash project completed!

2009-06-08 06:53:44 by Kalcaman

Called "Music made"

Took me quite a bit of time but I am VERY satisfied with it.

Check it out and tell me what you think!

PS: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffffff

one more day of finals left xO

I found a fish

2009-04-02 04:52:14 by Kalcaman

In my odd


2009-04-01 04:16:54 by Kalcaman

%u3053%u308C%u306F%u4F55%u3067%u3059%u 304B%uFF1F


2009-03-21 08:17:55 by Kalcaman

Vodka...go drink it makes you big....and strong...and it also makes life so much better.

WOOT alchohol

Silent Hill 5 Dissapointment

2008-10-18 02:11:20 by Kalcaman

So the game really let me down, compared to the other games in the series. The fighting was pretty easy on normal and just plain ridiculous on hard. The fact that the game tried to rush you out of the streets just to get to the next place, which meant shortening your game play and reducing the exploring of the games maps (that's what made SH1 and 2 fun!) Also The Puzzle system really had no riddles really. They were all very simple and straight forward and annoying to do, not fun to solve. I personally liked how SH1,SH2 and SH3 had riddles that made me have to use a pen and paper in order to solve it, REAL puzzles, not slide a thing around until you finally get it right. It was a waste of my money and time, and I don't recommend it at all...

Does it really matter who I am?

2008-02-28 13:45:40 by Kalcaman

The answer is doesn't


2007-11-02 23:33:15 by Kalcaman

yup, there is another PWS...please watch it and vote...or else i will be executed by a militant group of midgets with radioactive finger...claw...things....just watch the damn video...for my sake :(*

check it out

2007-09-30 22:07:06 by Kalcaman

a new flash called my dimension where i experemented with some fbf animations.