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Entry #12

Working on some stuff

2010-01-25 04:41:46 by Kalcaman

But then again you will never know what it is!

And day...after day AFTER DAY it will haunt you for the rest of your life!

Pretty soon you'll find yourself in the back alleyway begging rats and apple cores for the secrets that I once held from you. But all you will have in return is silence. Silence and Lies! well....silent lies. Actually that sounds like a good movie title. "silent lies" I think it would star Robin Williams as the protagonist. And he would be forced to eat 5 whole pounds of non-existent chicken all the while a dog will be barking in the background. And then when nobody expects it lady gaga will show up and flash everyone her mangina. But sometimes a mangina is okay, like in that one episode of the mighty know that one with the fish dude, and the funk monster....or was it a techno monster? Anyways he has a mangina and everyone is scared of him and he just wants love...or she. I'm not really sure.

But bottom line is, yeah, stuff sometime, secrets NOW

Working on some stuff


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2010-01-25 09:12:48



2010-01-25 12:14:39

you leave me with angst


2011-01-21 09:13:12

well thats actually very entertaining XD